I would like to take this opportunity to recommend the agency GivingSmile Job Agency Inc to those who are looking for an opportunity.

GivingSmile is the best staffing agency I have used. They found me long-term placement at a great pay rate the day I signed up. The GivingSmile  team is really what makes them stand out over other agencies.

GivingSmile is an awesome placement agency and great team headed up by Rick Li.

Been with GivingSmile since December 2014 and their service is well above par. By far the best of any agency I’ve worked with. They are fastest agency to offer job positions and everything is done exceptionally well.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team at GivingSmile Job Agency.

Since I’ve registered with GivingSmile it’s been the best agency out there, they are caring, understanding and very professional. I started off working an on-call shift, always providing me with safe work until landing me a full-time position working my way up from a bill guy to a forklift operator.

I’ve been with GivingSmile Job Agency Inc for about almost two years now.

I have been working as an AZ Truck Driver through GivingSmile for the last 3 years.
I find staff at GivingSmile very friendly, fun and efficient. And my favorite part – they always pay me on time.

GivingSmile Staffing never fails to provide me with work and the staff is very friendly, communicative and diligent in seeking out work for anyone willing to work.

Hi my name is Len I have been employed with this agency for just over two years. It is a truly great spot for anybody who is interested in working in short or long periods of time and the staff in my opinion is truly some or the nicest and friendly people to talk to with any situation that you might have.